Transfer Environment and Society has a thorough understanding of the issues of social acceptability and harmonization conditions of a project in a community.

It applies its knowledge concretely in an approach of its own and that made its fame. A sure process of rigor and fairness. At the heart of its actions: inspired values and a high-caliber team.

Transfer values contribute to support his approach to the successful social harmonization of projects based on respect for communities


At Transfer Environment and Society the pursuit of excellence is constant. The professionals accomplish their job with competence and rigor to make top quality services.


Integrity and respect are the foundations of the services of Transfer Environment and Society. Therefore, customers and citizens place their entire trust in it.


Transfer Environment and Society plays a facilitating role in trade between stakeholders. The company provides a listening and a neutral treatment, fair and respectful of the issues and concerns in order to promote the harmonious development of projects


Transfer Environment and Society demonstrates by its actions and activities, its social and environmental commitment. Catalyst and actor of change, the company contributes to the responsible development of society.

More than 25 years of experience

Creation of transfer environment

Transfer Environment and Society was born in 1987, in a period where the phenomenon Not in my backyard grew. The top managers of the company, already well aware of the projects of social harmonization issues, apply to develop services increasingly adapted to the needs of stakeholders and communities.

Transfer is quickly known among private and public organizations by offering an intervention model adapted to the challenges of social acceptability. The beginnings of the company enjoy, in particular, of André Delisle skills who is already recognized as an expert and who, among others, served as commissioner and vice-chairman of the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques en environnement

Creation of 3RV environment

In the early 2000s, Cédric Bourgeois and Alex Craft undertake an Environmental Management Masters at the University of Sherbrooke and are interested in social harmonization of projects.

Since 2004, new graduates, create the 3RV Environment firm to meet the growing needs of environmental management and sustainable development. Their initiative is perceptive.

Fusion with transfer environment and society

From its founding, 3RV Environment is growing rapidly. The company is expanded and resources are added soon. The link with Transfert Environnement and Society is naturally necessary and of course, the two companies are complementary while pursuing the same objectives. Transfer and 3RV merge in 2007 and synergy is the rendezvous. This junction becomes the coup of a company where innovation has its place.

Today Transfer counts twenty professionals and has offices in Sherbrooke, Montreal, Quebec City and Saguenay 


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