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    The Turgeon property is located only 5 km south of the deepwater port of Belledune in northern New Brunswick. Turgeon Copper-Zinc deposit is considered a volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) mafic type. Mineralization is hosted in volcanic rocks of the ophiolite sequence of the Desvereaux Formation of the Fournier Group danced buttonhole of Elmtree-Belledune. The Turgeon deposits are composed of massive sulphides lenses (py-cpy-po and sp) and stockworks (py-cpy)

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    Stockwerk (Cuivre)


    Sulfure Massif (Zinc)

    20150316 093117

    3,5% Cu sur 11,5 m

    7,9% Cu sur 7,5 m
    2,3% Cu sur 32,6 m
    4,4% Cu  sur 17,2m
    2,5% Cu sur 25,9m
    10% Cu sur 7,5m

    9,2% Zn sur 7,9 m
    12,4% Zn sur 8,7 m
    2,7% Zn sur 72,2 m
    5,0% Zn sur 12,3m
    4,7% Zn sur 25,1m
    5,6% Zn sur 6,8m

Drilling Targets 2016




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Puma Exploration is a Canadian mineral exploration company with advanced projects in precious and base metals in Canada. The major projects of the Company are the Cu-Zn VMS Turgeon and Nicholas-Denys in New-Brunswick. Puma currently focuses on their New Brunswick project, which that is a resource-rich area and that has been qualified as each year, the best place in the world to carry out mineral exploration work according to the Fraser Institute.